CRMS Indonesia facilitates in-house workshop programs which are tailored specifically to organization or company's need. Among the topics are:

  1. ISO 31000 Series
  2. CSA (Control Self Assessment) / RCSA (Risk and Control Self Assessment)
  3. Monte Carlo Simulation
  4. GCG (Good Corporate Governance) dan ERM (Enterprise Risk Management)
  5. Risk Management Awareness program
  6. Risk Control Self Assessment
  7. Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance
  8. Integrating Risk Management with Business Performance
  9. Defining and setting KRI (Key Risk Indicator)
  10. ERM Discussion with Board Members
  11. Executive Course toward CERG Certification
  12. Project Risk Management (ISO 31000 based)
  13. Lain-lain

For further discussion regarding in-house workshop programs, our professional Ridwan Hendra could be reached by email at